The     pen Mind Stage
an Urban design project by Dam de Nogales

For what type of events is the Open Mind Stage intended?  
The Open Mind Stage was conceived to house smaller venue productions.  These can range from
musical productions to theatrical productions to experimental productions to children's productions
to informal rehearsal space.    

What is the advantage of the Open Mind Stage over other permanent open air
There are obvious aesthetic benefits, as the entire stage and seating is a sculpted form,
appearing as an
abstract land-form sculpture from approaching angles,  while its figurative
form is appreciated from elevated areas and more aerial angles.   Built-in low wattage LED
lighting further enhances the visual effect, transforming the very space into a landmark sculpture.  
The premium level artificial grass enhances the outdoor experience both in a visual and in a
tactile way that other theatres do not, making visiting the Open Mind Stage, a particularly inviting

Functionally, it serves as Green Space and Public Art when not being used for theatrical or
musical productions. The artificial grass seating is maintenance free, ecological and tactile.  It
promotes general seating and is less formal than bleachers or stage seating, making it functional
while serving as theatre seating or simply leisure space.

Financially, the amount of investment is considerably less than other permanent outdoor
theatre designs, and yet it retains the potential for future relocation should a site or municipality
require.  The design may also be executed in Stone/Concrete pavers instead of Cor Ten Steel, and
therefore may allow for local suppliers to provide all the necessities.  

Is the Stage and Seating area Covered?  What about stage lighting?
The Open Mind Stage  is uncovered.  In some countries, municipalities will utilize it  for seasonal
presentations and productions (e.g. mid-May  through September) while in off season, will utilize it
as green space,  public art, and informal or impromptu rehearsal space, encouraging public
interaction.  Southern or Mediterranean countries may utilize it year round for performances.  There
is an optional low slope roof  to shade the  stage area, which can double for mounting stage
lights.  Its form is the same shape as the stage area.  The design furthermore has five attachment
points for optional stage light poles (from behind the last row of seating).  Its design is open and
its post placement does not interfere with the Open Stage Area.

Is it possible to commission a larger outdoor stage and theatre to accommodate
more people?
Yes.  While each sculpture has a similar land-form style,  each face and each profile maybe  
different.  Design modifications and options include number of rows of seating, as well as overall
size.  Stage size will increase proportionally with seating increase.   Structural changes will be
engineered to accommodate weight load differences of a venue for higher capacity.    

Is there room for an electrical box for plug-ins?
The stage has a hidden pre-cut zone for attachement of multiple outdoor outlets as well as a
reserved attachment place for a lockable fuse box panel and door.   Electrical installations are to
be executed by local contractors to code, however the design facilitates
easy installation. If the
Shade/Lighting Deck option is desired, then outlets and cables will run through the posts, beams,
and rafters.

Can this to be commissioned to be installed in any country?
Since the work will be created in your own country, there is no importation of artwork.  Local
contractors and suppliers will be used.    Dam de Nogales will oversee
local fabrication.  This can
be done for ecological reasons (LEED buildings), as well as to reduce transport and import costs, a
well as to create an opportunity for community involvement.   

How many Open Mind Stages of this type will be created?
The Open Mind Stage, as one of unique Public Sculptures and Urban Designs by international
sculptor duo
Dam de Nogales, is reserved to a handful of select cities world wide. No two
profiles will be exactly alike.   The design is reserved to geographical exclusivity.

We want to dedicate the park to a particular individual.  Can the profile of Open
Mind Stage be created as a Monument to a particular person?
Yes.  Dam de Nogales are renowned for their Monuments as well as for their Contemporary
Sculptures and Urban Designs.  The sculptors have installed over 20 unique public sculptures,
monuments, and urban design projects over the last decade. Portrait representation is one of
their strengths.  

Where is the first one located?
The Armando Hernandez Open Mind Stage has been commissioned by Trinity, Tampa, FL,
 It is a monument to an alumnus of Trinity,  and is being created locally utilizing the profile
of Armando Hernandez.  It is being created with
stone pavers and artificial grass, complete
with overhead shade/lighting unit and storage.
 We are in the process of creating it locally, and
it is the result of school community involvement project.  
Unveiling to be announced.

What kind of site preparation is required for installation?
The Open Mind Stage must incorporate and communicate well with its intended surroundings.  
Depending on designation, some minimal general landscaping and below grade concrete
footing pedestals maybe all that is required to blend the design into the immediate
surroundings.  In other situations, the Open Mind Stage can be installed into an existing
space.  The ideal space will reserve a 20 metre diameter circular space for installation of the
Open Mind Stage, and will consider some soft-scape around it.   Some municipalities  may
consider re-landscaping the entire site.  In this case, Dam de Nogales can facilitate the design
process to incorporate it into an existing or will re-design or  redesign the entire space.
degree of civil engineering required will depend on the site.

What future maintenance is there with the Open Mind Stage?
All materials used are considered low maintenance to maintenance-free.   The low wattage
LED night lighting should be inspected periodically.  The artificial grass seating element is of
the highest quality, and being used on soccer and football fields all across Europe and North
America for its lack of maintenance and incredible natural appearance.    The structural
elements are galvanized, a process and finish preferred by most municipalities.  An access
door exists in one side  allowing for access the fuse box site and structural inspection

What safety mechanisms are incorporated into the design?
The Open Mind Stage is pre-engineered,  designed to maximum loads, and weather conditions,
wind-loads, etc.   
It is designed to child-friendly.  Back row seating comes with a raised seat-
back retention wall.   Stairs are surfaced and are sized sufficiently and created in artificial
and/or stone pavers as well which prevents slipping.  The  banister (steel or stainless
-cables options) that line the perimeter of the stair risers are engineered to load
capacities in all directions.   Low level LED (or solar LED) mark stairs.  Documentation,
stamped by a certified structural engineer will be provided prior to installation. Some states
may require local engineer approval.  Conditional certificates that allow mobilization and site
preparation to begin will be made available.

Does the design allow for Wheel Chair Access?
Yes.  The first row and sides along the stage allow for placement of wheel chairs.   Higher
levels of seating do not accommodate wheel chairs.

Can I see more photos and documentation?

Yes.  All necessary documentation is available upon request.

Dam de Nogales


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This site contains information on "The Open Mind Stage", an Urban Design project by international sculpture duo, Dam de Nogales.

This project is at one time an Open Air Theatre, capable of sitting 135 to 150 people, as well as a contemporary public land form sculpture.  From eye
level, it appears as abstract undulating forms of earth and grass.  From higher elevations, it appears the figurative sculpture of a human face -- its various
land levels, lit lightly at night.  Created out of CorTen steel (with a galvanized and steel structure) gravel, artificial grass, and silica sand, the Open Mind
Stage is both ecologically sound (LEED buildings standards) and maintenance free.  Other contemporary public sculpture installations or urban designs
can be viewed at the public art section of   Links to Technical Information, Contacts, Art Studio Locations, and other images
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