The      pen Mind Stage
 -- an Urban design project by Dam de Nogales  --

An Ecological Free Standing Small Venue Open Air Theatre
Contemporary Landform Functional Public Sculpture

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This site contains information on "The Open Mind Stage", an Urban Design project by international sculpture duo, Dam de Nogales.

This project is at one time an Open Air Theatre, capable of sitting 135 to 150 people, as well as a contemporary public land form sculpture.  From eye
level, it appears as abstract undulating forms of earth and grass.  From higher elevations, it appears the figurative sculpture of a human face -- its various
land levels, lit lightly at night.  Created out of CorTen steel (with a galvanized and steel structure) gravel, artificial grass,
concrete and silica sand, the
Open Mind Stage is both ecologically sound (LEED buildings standards) and maintenance free.  Other contemporary public sculpture installations or
urban designs can be viewed at the public art section of   Links to Technical Information, Contacts, Art Studio Locations, and
other images are available above.
Images of the Armando Hernandez Open Mind Stage of Trinity, Tampa, Florida, USA, are available upon request.

Clasificacion: Arte publico, escultura publica, teatro al aire libre, arte ecologico, diseno urbano, anfiteatro, parque municipal